08 Dec, 2019 – South Asia Focus

This week’s episode focuses at India which has been consistently working in the direction of strengthening its diplomacy. Recently it hosted maiden 2+ 2 dialogue with the Japanese defence and foreign ministers. Regular meets and an ever growing trade volume have been the hallmarks of the New Delhi- Tokyo relationship; Pakistan army has been unrelenting in its operations against innocent people. Whether it is Sindhis, Pashtuns or Balochs, the army has been inhumane in its conduct against the civilians. Barring Punjabis, the unproclaimed elites of Pakistan, almost all ethnicities have endured the barbarities of Pakistani military campaigns; While intimidation and high handedness are one component of Pakistani tactic of suppressing the youth of illegally occupied Gilgit Baltistan, keeping them deprived of education and jobs is another… In their systematic efforts of keeping a check on youths’ intellectual and financial growth, the coalition of civil and military rulers in the country has put a block on the expansion of the educational institutions. And with just one university in the region, educated youths who are unable to take admission are out on the streets against the administration; Nepal where South Asian Games 2019 is being played with full synergy and enthusiasm. The event has been organized in three cities; Kathmandu, Pokhara and Janakpur. Around 3,000 athletes from the seven SAARC countries will compete during the 10-day multi-sports event; Konark, a town in India’s Odisha state. It is not only known for its monuments, beaches and scenic beauty, but for colourful festivals. A five-day-long Konark dance festival was recently held in the backdrop of the Sun Temple. This year, the event coincided with the International Sand Art Festival which was a delight for the visitors as they got a chance to soak in the aesthetic beauty of the temple fused with various dance forms and admire the sand sculptures made by local and international artists.
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