15 Dec, 2019 – South Asia Focus

This week’s episode focuses on India which has passed a a historic bill to grant Indian citizenship to the persecuted minorities from its Islamic neighbours of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. The bill which was passed with an overwhelming majority in the lower house of the parliament was accepted in the upper house despite numbers going against the government; Besieged Baloch activists who are living in self-imposed exile owing to state-persecution held multiple anti-Pakistan protests on human rights day. The key focus of the protests, which were held in different parts of Asia and Europe, was to highlight the atrocities being meted out on Balochs by Islamabad; While almost entire Pakistan has been swept by a wave of protests seeking a set of rights to be restored for the students, the people from Gilgit Baltistan are demanding release of political activists who have been imprisoned for many years; Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh where the Rohingya refugees have found a shelter since being driven out from Rakhine state in Myanmar some two years ago. They all are demanding and expecting justice from the top court of the United Nations, which is hearing into the allegations of genocide by Myanmar authorities. Meanwhile, Aung San Suu Kyi, the state counsellor of Myanmar has defended her country in International court of Justice saying that the petitioner has placed an incomplete and misleading picture of the factual situation in Rakhine state. Stunning locales, breathtaking beauty and a rich legacy of cultural heritage and tradition – this is what one gets to see in the festivals of India. These festivals not only revitalize the locals but also offer an opportunity to every tourist to be a part of the grand celebrations. So, out of a long list of festivals celebrated in the city, today we take you to witness the extravagant three day Kathak Utsav in Manipur’s capital Imphal.
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